Foolproof Crimper!

These crimpers are foolproof and very easy to use. The space where you place the crimp tube/beads is large and very easy to see. Just give it a squeeze and you’re done, you don’t have to think about it again.
~ Donna M

Thank you so much for inventing this tool!

Once upon a time there was a girl that would do anything to avoid crimping. Those silly little tubes that never seemed to hold the way that they were supposed to were really cramping her style! Then one day, along came a really simple tool that made a lot of sense. One squeeze and done!! The little girl smiled and was really happy! and I no longer hate crimping!
~ Valerie T

Sooooo Happy!

I love my new crimping pliers. I love beading but have always dreaded the crimping part. Now I have nothing to hold me back.
~ Cheryl S

Five Stars!

I find the quality of these pliers to be top notch and they function just as I hoped they would. Thank you!
~ Candace S


I have both styles. I like to travel with the ones that cut and crimp. They are the easiest and most comfortable crimpers to use. 
~ Kim W

Best in show

Great. Crimps right and tight every time. Saves me a lot of time and grief.  
~ Tas

Love, Love, Love

Laura, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these crimpers! I bought these at the Pasadena show and was instantly converted. They make the crimping process so much easier and most importantly for me, pain-free!
~ Barbara B

Easy to Use

Received my crimpers and so love to use them. Takes less strength to get the job done.
~ Rita P


I love my Om Tara Crimping Pliers!
~ Deborah T

More Love!

Love your crimpers!  
~ Katie S

Quality, Customer Service

 Great tools !!!

Quality and Customer Service

I have been wanting your tool kit for a long time now, and I have it as a birthday present to myself!